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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising can be a great, and sometimes essential, tool to bring new customers to your new or existing business. Unlike organic search engine optimisation, paid advertising can get your website appearing on page one of search engines from day one.

Paid advertising can be used alone or can be effectively combined with search engine optimisation, to maximise the number of visitors to your website. The choice of using PPC, SEO or both, depends on a number of factors including personal preference.

The term ‘pay per click advertising’ (PPC) refers to several different platforms in today’s digital marketing world. I focus on two main forms of PPC advertising: adverts in search engine’s search results (e.g. Bing and Google Adwords) and adverts on other websites (e.g. Google Adsense).


I charge a fixed monlty fee for PPC services. I offer two forms of PPC advertsing services: search engine ads and PPC advertising on other websites.

1- Search Engine Ads

This is where you pay to show your website/ad in a search engine’s search results (e.g. Google Adwords, where paid ads appear above and around organic search results). You pay, for example Google, every time someone clicks on your ad. The amount depends on several factors. These prices will be determined once we have decided on which search phrases we will be targeting.

I charge a fixed monthly fee, depending on the number of keywords your PPC campaign includes:

  • 1-5 keywords £29
  • 6-10 keywords £49
  • 10-20 keywords £69
  • More available

This fixed fee covers the entire managment of your campaign, including reporting results and monitoring changes in click prices.

I charge a one-off keyword research fee (unless you tell me all the keywords you wish to target):

  • 1-5 keywords £19
  • 6-10 keywords £29
  • 10-20 keywords £44
  • More available

You can add more keywords to your campaign at any time, or remove keywords. The monthly fee will be according to the total number of keywords and there will be a fee for setting-up new keywords (if you’re adding more) according to the prices above.

2- Advertising on Other Websites

Today’s available products & services allow you to advertise on websites in any range of geographical locations and in any range of industries you wish.

These services, such as Google Adsense, allow you to advertise on websites all over the Internet without having to talk to each individual website.

This service is also offered on a pay-per-click basis (you pay when someone clicks on your ad on a website).

The prices of clicks on your ad will be determined once we have decided on a few things, including in which geograpchical locations you wish your ad to appear on websites and what sort of websites you wish your ad to appear on (what industries).

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