My Email Marketing services can be any combination of: email template design, subscriber sign up form design and build, generating emails (to send emails to) and the actual sending of the emails.

My email services can be used for cold-marketing or to send mass or individual emails to existing customers, for any purpose – not just marketing but for anything, including: order confirmations; password reminders and much more. Perhaps you are just looking to get an email template or two designed.

There are endless variations of what a client may need in emailing services, so please do get in touch to tell me what exactly it is that you need.

If you need to send emails for any reason other than marketing, talk to me to discuss your requirements.

I do not offer lead generation services (other than obtaining email addresses from your website’s visitors). Depending on you requirements, you may be best served by a specialist lead generation company. If you already have a list of email addresses and/or you just want to send emails to your website’s visitors then I can help you. If you want to gather email addresses from your website’s visitors then allow me to add a means to your website, in the form of a newsletter sign-up form or from users who have created an account on your website or however else you wish.

If the task is email marketing (rather than one-off individual emails to your website’s users such as a password reminder), I use specialist online services – usually MailChimp – which allow you to completely manage your email campaign in one place, including: uploading email addresses, editable templates, sending mass email and viewing reports on things such as email opening rates and conversion rates. I happily offer training in MailChimp, so that you can run your email campaign yourself (rather than paying me) once I’ve designed your email templates.

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To get in touch for a no-obligation chat and quote, please ring me, email me or send me a message using the form here. My normal working hours are 9am to 5:30pm, but I often work evenings and weekends. Feel free to contact me outside my normal hours.