I build eCommerce websites using a combination of industry-favourite software packages and tools. Start selling your products or services via your own website and totally manage your store with an intuitive content management system. I build new eCommerce websites as well as integrate eCommerce (including payment gateways) into existing websites and systems.

What Exactly is an eCommerce Website?

An eCommerce website is a website which accepts payments. The first thing that comes to someone’s mind is probably a website which sells products or services, which are displayed in a structure of categories. A user clicks to view a product, maybe selects the size or colour, adds it to the cart and then checks-out. There are, however, many more examples of eCommerce: You may be running a website on a membership basis and charging your users a membership fee; You may wish to allow your clients to pay invoices via your website or bespoke web-based CRM; Or, maybe you need a means to take payments for bookings via your existing, or via a new website, or system.

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Content Management Systems

I use Pretashop, WordPress (with Woocommerce) and Joomla! (with VirtueMart) to speed up development and to allow the store administrator (you) the power to totally manage the online store with no technical knowledge.


The price can vary significantly project-to-project and often depends on what exactly it is that you require. A typical eCommerce website for a small business ranges between £1,500 – £4000+.

Payment Gateways & Merchant Accounts

As a merchant, you almost always need a payment gateway and a merchant account provider to take card payments online. A payment gateway provides the service of capturing the customers card details and processing the payment. A merchant account is a place where the money is stored, before you transfer it to your bank account. Payment gateways and merchant accounts work together to get your customers money to you. These are two different services, which different companies offer individually and together in a one-priced package.

There are many to choose from, the choice depending on a few factors including, of course, price. The PayPal Standard gateway (and PayPal merchant account) is included in all of my eCommerce websites installation-free. You may wish to go with a different provider, in which case there may be an extra charge of around £35 to £60. The charge covers the installation and code of the payment gateway into your website. As part of my eCommerce website building service, I will present you with the various choices of payment gateways and merchant accounts and their pros and cons. This information is also available to all of my members in the members area.

You may already have a merchant account (e.g. if you already take card payments in your shop or over the phone) and you just need a new gateway for your online store. You can keep using the same merchant account, with another payment gateway. This payment gateway could be provided by your existing provider, or we may find you a better deal elsewhere.

PCI Compliance and SSL

Every merchant who takes card payments needs to be PCI compliant, whether you’re taking card payments: over the phone; in person; or online. ‘Being PCI compliant’ means following a set of rules set-out by the major card companies, such as Visa and Mastercard, to keep your customer’s details safe. PCI compliance is a big subject and I won’t get into it much here, but I’m mentioning it here because there can be some extra costs involved in becoming PCI compliant.

There are several eCommerce software platforms which completely take care of PCI compliance for you. And, there are several payment gateways which greatly reduce what you need to do in order to achieve PCI compliance.

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