What is a Domain Name?

Facebook.com, google.co.uk, and example.com are all domain names. Behind the scenes, a website is actually found by it’s IP address. When you type a example.com into your browser’s web address, it searches the internet for example.com. However, to find the website, it needs to know the IP address of example.com. Domain Name Servers (DNS) provide the service of matching domain names with IP addresses. The DNS points your browser in the right direction, to find example.com.

Domain names are used because it is, of course, much easier to memorise example.com rather than

Domain Name Services I provide

Purchase – I’ll help you purchase your domain name.

DNS Changes – I’ll make any DNS or nameserver changes required.

Transfer – I can help you transfer a domain between registrars.

How Much is a Domain Name?

If you are registering a new domain (one that isn’t already registered ) then the price is usually £10 to £25.  However, even for new domains, it is possible that the domain registrar(s) have put a premium price on the domain or have put it up for auction. If you wish to buy a domain which is already registered, then the seller may demand a significantly higher price.

Once you have registered a domain (or bought an existing one) you must pay around £10 to £25 per year to keep it. Why? Because you are, essentially, renting the domain name. No one can own domain name, but only register a domain name and maintain it’s registration. If registration payments are not kept up, the domain will eventually become unregistered and will appear on the market as a new domain again.

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