What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system is a means to manage the content of a website. A CMS is an important part of even the simplest of websites. A CMS is vital to allow non developers to edit the content of a website as and when required, with minimal delay.

All websites I build come with a CMS. If you have an existing website, which you currently can’t and wish to be able to edit the content of, then allow me to install a CMS. Or, if you already have a website with a CMS and you wish to add features to it, then allow me to improve your CMS.

Depending on the requirements of your website or application, the CMS I use recommend may be: a completely custom CMS or one of the widely used open-source CMS’s (e.g. WordPress). The vast majority of websites that people ask for can be built with the latter. Mostly only very bespoke business systems/applications ever require a totally bespoke CMS.

There are several, widely used CMSs which greatly reduce development time and therefore save you money. You may have heard of them, or you may even have experience using them.

I can provide training on using your new CMS and am also happy to manage the content for you if you don’t have time or otherwise would like to outsource this work to myself.


If you have heard of (or used) any open-source CMS, you will probably have heard of WordPress. WordPress is the most-used of the open-source CMSs and I use it frequently. WordPress is the simplest to use of the CMSs and so it’s great for allowing my clients to edit the content of their website, with no technical knowledge. WordPress can be used on the majority of websites, that can be built using any open-source CMS. WP can be used for almost anything: from the simplest website, to full-blown eCommerce websites. I build a lot of websites with WordPress. If you require any services which include this CMS, then have a read of the WordPress Development page.

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